Textile Sector Specialized Solutions

Sell Your Products Wherever Your Potential Customers Are

Manage marketplaces, social media platforms, physical stores, and your e-commerce site from a single dashboard. Reach your customers from everywhere with omni-channel solutions. Develop personalized marketing strategies tailored to your target audience's needs.


Groundbreaking brands in the fashion sector trust MAZAKA in e-commerce! They are increasing their sales with special solutions. Take your place among our references.

Two-Way Integration

Start Selling on Marketplaces with a Single Click

Manage all your products separately on different marketplaces, collect orders, and send your shipments. Let the system handle time-consuming processes automatically, so you can focus on marketing. Boost your sales with domestic and international marketplace integrations!

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Accounting ERP Integration

Manage Your Accounting, Control Your Inventory, and Prevent Losses!

Keep your inventory constantly updated by integrating with your accounting software or ERP system. Easily invoice incoming orders and save time. Control all sales points effortlessly with update processes that you can schedule as needed.

Add Videos to Products

Support Sales with Additional Product Videos on Product Images

Accurately showcase the quality of your products, display them on models, and grab the attention of visitors! The ability to add unlimited images and videos is available to all users on the MAZAKA e-commerce platform.

Product Tags

Add the Tags You Want, Such as New, Discounted, or Free Shipping

You can add any tags you want to your products and create campaigns based on these tags. With the labels that appear on the product card and the product detail page, you can instantly showcase the product you want to highlight to visitors.

Combination Products

Set Cross-Selling Rules, Combine Products with Each Other

To increase the basket value, add combination suggestions to your products. Make product recommendations with combinations such as offering a shirt with the purchase of pants or shorts with the purchase of a T-shirt, and increase your sales.

Notification Buttons

Notify When the Price Drops, Add to Discount List, Add to Favorites

Add notification buttons to potential customers so you can reach them later. Create campaigns and discounts for products added to lists to bring the product back to their attention and drive sales.