B2B (Dealer Portal)
End-to-End Automation with Your Dealers

Strengthen your relationships with your dealers, automate orders and payments, offer custom deals to your preferred dealers.

  • ERP/Accounting Integration
  • Sales Representative Module
  • Dealer Grouping
  • Risk Limit Management
  • b2b run

    470 $
    • SEO Order Items
    • Risk Limit Management
    • Product-Based Special Prices for Customers
    • Product-Specific Search Keywords
    • Unlimited Banner Addition
    • Order Tracking
    • Standard Reporting
  • b2b pro

    1.700 $
    • Sub-Dealer Feature
    • Advanced Reports & Statistics
    • Advanced Dealer Grouping
    • Group-Based Category/Brand Hiding
    • Group-Based Discount Structures
    • System Registration Approval
    • Unlimited Payment System Integration
  • b2b huge

    3.300 $
    • Custom Interface Design
    • Unlimited Warehouse Integration
    • Order Management System
    • Mobile Application
    • Unit Price Based on Quantity
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Advanced Currency Management
  • b2b enterprise

    Contact Us
    • Mobile Application
    • Flexible Reports and Statistics
    • Minimum-Maximum Sales Limits for Products
    • Option to Choose Warehouse for Orders
    • Elastic Search Engine
    • Invoice Viewing Integration
    • Custom Solution Development
  • Traffic/Server Usage

    1000 GB / Year
    5000 GB / Year
    8000 GB / Year
    10.000 GB / Year
  • Corporate Email Account

    10 Pieces
    30 Pieces
    50 Pieces
    250 Pieces
  • Web Area / Database Area

  • 256 Bit SSL Certificate

  • Mobile-Friendly Interface Design

  • Technical Support

  • Ready Theme Designs

  • Asset Management

  • Concubine Special Category Management

  • Concierge Special Product Management

  • Product-Based Special Price for Customers

  • Volume-based discount

  • Add Note to Order Feature

  • Delivery Date

  • Optional Foreign Exchange Management Module

  • Tier Price Module (Unit Price Management Based on Quantity)

  • Sales Representative Module

  • Promoto - Offline, Online Sales System (Tablet)

  • Dynamic Pricing - Price Multiplier Module (Square Meter Based Product Sales)

  • Setting Min and Max Purchase Limits for Products

  • Assortment and Sales

  • CSS and Script Access

  • Category Based Product Ranking

  • Tax Management

  • Variant, Product Assembly

  • Dynamic Gallery Management

  • Depot-Based Stock Management

  • Payment Collection Integration

  • Accounting Software Integration

  • Mobile Compatible Interface Design

  • ERP Software Integration

  • "Search for Movement Listing"

  • Baby Risk Limit

  • Role-Based Branding Concealment

  • Role-Based Product Hiding

  • Role-Based Category Hiding

  • Special Discount Structure Design

  • Add Note to Order Feature

  • Product Filtering Features

  • Ürün Karşılaştırma Modülü

  • Live Support Applications

  • Add Note Feature to Order Items

  • Detailed Filter Module

  • Product Image Matching

  • Content Management

  • Product Specific Search Keywords

  • Order Tracking

  • Standart Raporlama

  • Add Product-Specific PDF Catalog

  • Advanced Role Management (Dealer Groups)

  • Product Copy Feature

  • Unlimited Product Image Upload

  • Add Note to Order

  • Product Image Ranking

  • Product, Category, Brand HTML Content Definition

  • Product, Category, Brand HTML Content Definition

  • Product Label Module

  • Product Filtering Options

  • Free Shipping Product Identification

  • User Authorization

  • Product Reviews

  • Product Image Zoom

  • Product Comparison Module

  • Bulk Product Operations with Excel

  • Bulk Product Image Matching

  • Product Variant Management/p>

  • Create Extra Product Detail Tab

  • Related Products

  • My Favorites Module

  • Adding Video to Products

  • Multiple Currency

  • Specialized E-commerce Consultant

    3 Month
  • Multi-Language Feature

  • Special Interface Design

  • Mobile Application

  • Member Activation Email & SMS

  • Popup Module

  • Product Description

  • Define Search Term

  • Combined Products Module

  • Product Personalization

  • Robotic Call Center Integration

  • Dynamic Form

  • High Dear

  • Apple Store Mobile Application

  • Google Play Mobile App

  • Huawei App Gallery Mobile Application

  • Do not Send Push Notifications

  • Voice Search Feature

  • Automatic Location Retrieval Feature

  • Standard Sales Reports

  • City-Based Sales Reports

  • Product-Based Sales Reports

  • Category-Based Sales Reports

  • Payment-based Sales Reports

  • Top Ordering Dealer Report

  • Product Stock Report

  • -Passive Products Report

  • Best Selling Products Report

  • Most Clicked Products Report

  • Stock Waiting Products Report

  • Products Report Expecting Price Drop

  • Campaign Sales Reports

  • Detailed Customer Analysis Report

  • Baby Search Reports

  • Baby Entrance Reports

  • Most Profitable Products Report

  • Unsold Products Report

  • Report on Products with Critically Low Stock

  • Income Report from E-Education

  • Time-Based E-Payment Revenue Report

  • Pending Shipment Report

  • Time-Based Order Count Report

  • Time-Based Order Total Report

  • Bank-Based E-Collection Report

  • Payment by Wire Transfer/EFT

  • All Bank Integrations

  • Payment with Credit Card

  • Payment with 3D Secure

  • Creating Installment Options

  • Setting Minimum Amount for Installments

  • Setting Maximum Amount for Installments

  • Payment with PayTR

  • Iyzio and Payment

  • Payment with ParamPOS

  • Payment with MOKA

  • IQ Money Payment

  • Letting the Customer choose the 3D option

  • Card Bank Routing Management

  • Guaranteed Payment with Garanti Pay

  • Special Payment Methods for User Group

  • Special Installment Options for User Group

  • WMS

  • Ability to Sell Without Stock

  • Stoğa Bağlı Otomatik Satış

  • Automatic Stock Sales

  • Stock Quantity Alert Module

  • Property Management

  • Stock - Sales Area Matching

  • Creating Stock Movement (In, Out)

  • Campfire

  • Creating a Gift Voucher

  • Campaigns for Ms. Money

  • Campaign Generation Linked to Coupon Code

  • Label Campaigns

  • Payment Type Campaigns

  • Gift Product Campaign

  • Basket Campaigns

  • Category Campaigns

  • Brand Campaigns

  • Cargo Campaigns

  • Special Offers for Customer Group

  • Postage Method Campaigns

  • Buy X Pay Y

  • Y Product Discounted/Gift for Those Who Buy a Product from X Category

  • Y TL Discount over X TL in the cart

  • Y% Discount over X TL in Cart

  • Y TL Discount for X product or products in the cart

  • Y% Discount on X product(s) in the cart

  • Y TL Discount for Products with X Label in the Cart

  • Y% Discount on X Category Products in the Cart

  • Creating a Campaign for Those Who Leave Products in Their Cart

  • Payment Based Shipping Campaigns

  • Ability to Infer Different Shipping Fees Depending on Amount

  • Determining Different Shipping Rates Based on Country and Province

  • Providing Discounts to Members on a Product Basis

  • Removing Shipping Fee Upon a Certain Amount

  • Special Campaigns for Payment Types

  • Creating a Discount Voucher with Special Rules

  • Different Shipping Fees Even for Only 1 Product

  • Product Y Will Be Discounted By Z% For Those Who Buy Product

  • Buy X, Buy Y Products, Get Z TL Discount

  • Buy X, Buy Y Product, Get Z TL Discount

  • Customer-Based Discount Definition

  • Provide Percentage Discount on Quantity Basis in the Product

  • Flow Chart (Grouping More Than 200 Parameters and Creating Result Pool)

  • Live Support Applications

  • Buy X, Buy Y Product, Get Z TL Discount

  • Bulk SEO Update

  • Homepage H1 Tagged Text Input

  • Product, Category URL Management

  • Defining Product-Specific Meta Information

  • Defining Category-Specific Meta Information

  • Defining Brand-Specific Meta Information

  • Defining Meta Information for Images

  • Link Management

  • 404 Management

  • 301 Redirect

  • Google Adwords Conversion Integration

  • Google Analytics Integration GA4

  • Yandex Metrika Integration

  • Google Rich Snippets

  • Breadcrumb App

  • Google Merchant Integration

  • Social Media Login

  • Facebook Comment on Products and Content

  • Instagram Story

  • WhatsApp Order

  • Product Recommendation Module

  • List Color Variant in Product Card

  • Group Product Management

  • Notify Me When Back in Stock Button

  • Notify Me When Price Drops Button

  • Cart Reminder Module

  • Desktop and Mobile Push Notifications

  • Facebook, Instagram Store Integration

  • Customized Layout for Category, Brand, and Product (Landing Page)

  • Blog Page Management

  • Remove Favorite Products from Cart

  • Site Remarketing Application

  • Timed Popup Module

  • Marketplace Integrations

    1 Piece
    3 Pieces
    5 Pieces
  • E-Invoice / E-Archive Integration

  • Google Analytics 4 Integration

  • ERP / Accounting Integration (Mikro, Logo, Paraşüt, Microsoft AX, Canias, Netsis, Netsim, Vega, Nebim, etc.)

  • Google Merchant Center Integration

  • (CRM) Integration

  • AR Integration

  • 3D Model Product Integration

  • Yandex Metrica Integration

  • Hotjar Integration

  • XML Output Capability

  • Supplier XML Integration

  • Video Call Sales with Customers

  • Headless API Access

  • Cargo Integration

  • Turkey (National) Cargo Company Integrations

  • Regional Cargo Company Integrations

  • Global Cargo Company Integrations

  • PickUp Delivery Integration

  • Define Free Delivery Method

  • Define Delivery Rules (Hour, Date, Basket Amount, Location)

  • Define Return Method

  • Define Delivery Management Fee Rules (Shopping Amount, Desi)

  • Instant Virtual POS

  • Wire Transfer / Cash on Delivery System

  • CSS and Script Access

  • Virtual POS Installation

  • Payment with Wire Transfer

  • Cash on Delivery

  • E-Collection Module (Payment without Purchase)

  • Virtual POS (All Banks)

  • Payment with Credit Card

  • Category-Based Product Sorting

  • Payment with 3D Secure

  • Create Installment Options

  • Set Minimum Amount for Installments

  • Set Maximum Amount for Installments

  • Payment with Sipay

  • Payment with PayTR

  • Payment with Iyzico

  • Payment with ParamPOS

  • Let Customer Choose 3D Option

  • Payment without Purchase

  • Payment with Compay

  • Card Bank Routing Management

  • Payment with Garanti Pay

  • Set Maximum Amount for Installments

  • Set Maximum Amount for Installments

  • Payment with Sipay

  • Payment with PayTR

  • Payment with Iyzico

  • Payment with ParamPOS

  • Let Customer Choose 3D Option

  • Payment with Pay.nl

  • Payment with Apple Pay

  • Custom Payment Methods for User Groups

  • Payment with BKM Express

  • Masterpass Card Storage

  • Virtual POS Refund

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Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.

Let all your dealers place orders from your 24/7 open dealer portal whenever they want, make their payments. They don't have to make payments during the order by setting risk limits. Get to know MAZAKA B2B strengthened with integrations right away!

ERP/Accounting Integration

Track your Warehouses, Stocks, Current Transactions, and Payments in real-time with integrations!

It's possible to easily manage hundreds of customers or dozens of warehouses from a single panel. Moreover, with invoice viewing integration, all your customers can see and download the invoices for their payments with a single click.

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Sales Representative Module

Your Field Sales Representatives Can Easily Enter Orders or Collect Payments

With the Sales Representative Module, which can work offline, all system management can be done with a single tablet. Your authorized sales representatives can easily create orders, collect payments, or check stock status in the field, even when offline.

Dealer Grouping

Offer Special Price Quotes to Exclusive Dealers

All the rules of traditional commerce are at MAZAKA! You can offer special prices, discounts, products, or brands to dealers with whom you have strong relationships or hide them. Everything is easy and fast!

Risk Limit Management

Set the Balance You Want for Any Dealer You Like

You can request payments according to your due date from your dealers who can place orders without making payments up to the amount you specify. You can create debt and collect payments with a link. Plan your cash flow and prevent problems.