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Mazaka is the most advanced e-commerce infrastructure in Turkey. Start e-commerce right away with Mazaka, a user-friendly, unlimited-capability e-commerce infrastructure. Achieve success in e-commerce in no time with its fully compatible structure with all search engines. Contact us to explore the deep features of each module, setting Mazaka apart from other e-commerce infrastructures.
When choosing an e-commerce infrastructure, there are two important factors to consider. The first is common capabilities, which include SEO compatibility, website speed, and general features. The second significant feature is the customizable capabilities that cater to the specific needs of your industry. Also, consider selecting a company that provides 24/7 support.

As Mazaka, we provide support with our partners for all the official processes necessary for you to start your e-commerce activities. For beginners in e-commerce, we offer the most advantageous offers in terms of shipping and payment methods, thus being with you in the infrastructure - business model - design processes necessary for your products or services to reach your customers.

First and foremost, you should determine the target market for your international marketplace or website. Once you have identified your target, acquire the correct solutions for logistics processes and payment methods. If the gross weight of the products you will send is less than 300 kilograms and their value does not exceed 15,000 euros, you can engage in e-export much more easily under micro-export. Additionally, by taking advantage of government incentives, you can reduce your costs and save on advertising expenses.

You can contact the bank or payment intermediary of your choice and provide them with the information about your e-commerce website. For any questions that your assigned customer representative may ask regarding your application, you can get in touch with Mazaka Support. In the Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure, there is integration with over 20 banks and well-known payment institutions in Turkey. You can activate your virtual POS and start receiving payments with just a copy-paste process.

After setting up your store on the marketplace of your choice, you can use the Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure to instantly send all your products to the marketplace. With accounting software integration, you can keep track of your inventory in real-time and automate your invoicing processes. If you don't have an e-commerce website yet, contact us right away.
You can easily make the products available for sale on your social media stores from your Mazaka e-commerce website. After obtaining the code from your social media account, simply paste it into the panel of your Mazaka e-commerce website, and the automatic product transfer will begin. Inventory, prices, images, discounts, and other attributes will continue to be updated in real-time.
Mazaka e-commerce packages offer package options at affordable prices suitable for businesses of all scales. Whether you have a local business or are part of a larger holding, you can choose a customized e-commerce package that fits your budget and start e-commerce right away.
Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure seamlessly integrates with accounting/ERP software. With the two-way transfer of data such as warehouse, inventory, product, order, invoice, customer, and more, Mazaka e-commerce packages offer automation features that will streamline all your digital processes.
With the existing e-invoice and e-archive integrations in Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure, you can automatically handle all your invoicing processes. The time-saving features of Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure simplify all the tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on increasing your sales.
Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure can seamlessly integrate with both domestic and international marketplaces. You can list your products for sale on these marketplaces and manage your orders through the Mazaka e-commerce panel. Real-time inventory tracking is also available to help you stay on top of your stock levels.