API For Developers

E-commerce with Unlimited Capabilities

The Mazaka E-commerce Infrastructure features a robust, customizable, and flexible backend.

Headless E-commerce

Headless E-commerce

Flexible E-commerce Infrastructure for Omni-Channel Solution

You can conduct e-commerce activities from all devices using the Mazaka Commerce Engine API. Instantly access the Omni-Channel experience!

API Görüntüle

Storefront API

  • green-icon Public key for client usage
  • green-icon Build custom checkouts and
  • green-icon Fetch products, oerders, subscriptions and content

Backend API

  • green-icon .Net Framework
  • green-icon Secret key for server usage
  • green-icon Ideal for complex app logic
  • green-icon Full CRUD capabilities for all standart and custom models
  • green-icon React to system events and trigger your own workflows

Click - Run - Start Selling

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You can choose one of the ready-made Mazaka themes for an easy setup and start selling your website instantly.

Mazaka Commerce Engine API

Mazaka Commerce Engine API connection is straightforward! Start selling instantly from all devices with a powerful and flexible e-commerce infrastructure, transfer data, and offer advanced commerce features.

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