Specialized for the Automotive Sector

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Discover e-commerce solutions that will place you ahead of your industry competitors. Attain a competitive edge! The easy-to-use, feature-rich e-commerce infrastructure of MAZAKA offers advanced search customization, custom catalog management, and hundreds of features related to unlimited specifications—all ready for your e-commerce success.

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Unlimited Feature Association

Let Users Enter Vehicle Information and Instantly List Compatible Products

Associate product features with each other to make it very easy for users to find the right product! Show compatible products instantly for users who choose the vehicle's brand, model, production year, and fuel type. Simply enter compatible vehicles as features for the products!

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Custom Catalog Management

Manage Your Products As You Like with Headless Commerce Architecture

Pricing and offer products from the data coming from your databases within MAZAKA. Sell your products as B2B or B2C at any price on any channel you want. Increase your profits in online sales with custom catalog management.

Role Management

Every Customer is Different, Reward Loyalty

Just as you protect loyal customers in traditional commerce, do so in e-commerce as well. Create roles, gather customers under these roles, and offer different prices, products, categories, and discounts. Create your own loyalty program. Manage your campaigns separately for all customer groups.

Custom Interface Design

Custom Interface Design for the Automotive Sector

Reflect your brand identity in the online environment with carefully crafted, custom interface designs! Ensure that all users make purchases in a way that is convenient and easy for your target audience with a specially designed interface. Check out our references prepared by MAZAKA's experienced UI/UX designers!

Unlimited Code Management

Enter as Many Code Details as You Want for Your Products, and List Them Quickly

When knowledgeable users in the industry search on your website, make sure that the exact right product appears when they type in OEM, SKU, or barcode. Moreover, there are no limits to entering these codes.

Advanced Search Customization

Customize the Search Engine on Your E-commerce Website

Discover the keywords your target audience searches for the most, and customize the search engine accordingly. Enter the data fields in which you want the search to be conducted for your products. Whether you want to search for individual keywords or the entire phrase, you can list your products in advanced customization solutions. It's easy to use and offers limitless capabilities in the MAZAKA e-commerce platform!