E-Collection System Mobile Application

E-Collection Mobile Application (MAZAKAPay)

Leave behind carrying physical POS devices! With the E-Collection Mobile Application, you can accept payments from your customers anytime, anywhere. The E-Collection System, which significantly improves cash flow irregularities, is now available on mobile devices!

  • Quick Payment Collection

    Create a user for your field sales representative to easily collect payments during customer visits.

  • Create Customers

    Create new dealer or customer records quickly from your mobile device and don't miss out on potential orders!

  • Reports & Statistics

    Easily view all your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports and evaluate the performance of your e-commerce managers.

Easy to use,
Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.
Low Commission Rate

Increase Your Profit by Receiving Competitive Commission Rates from Our Partners

Reduce deductions by 25% compared to other payment organizations! Transfer all your collections to your own account instantly with next-day payment option.

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Virtual POS Integration Made Easy

Instantly Use the Virtual POS Integrated with E-payment System through Copy-Paste

MAZAKAPay, which operates in full synchronization with your existing E-payment system, allows you to receive payments at any time, 24/7. You can easily integrate any virtual POS you desire and use it whenever you want.

Receive Payments Quickly or Create Debts and Send Links

Simplify the Steps for Collecting Payments from Dealers or Customers

Gain the freedom to collect payments with credit cards anytime, anywhere! You can receive instant payments from users or create personalized debts and send the link through your preferred channel.

Customize Installment Options

Offer Installment Options as You Wish on Virtual POS

Facilitate your collections by offering payment convenience. You can provide installment options for individual or business cards as you wish. You can freely manage additional commission amount and the displayed title.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Our E-Tahsilat mobile application offers users basic functions such as invoice viewing, payment, setting payment reminders, and viewing payment history.
Certainly, our application is designed with security standards in mind. Data is encrypted, identity checks are performed, and security measures are in place.
No, the application has a user-friendly interface. Users can easily view invoices, make payments, and set notifications. Technical knowledge is not required.
The application supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and other digital payment methods.
Users can utilize the help section within the application to find frequently asked questions. Additionally, they can contact our customer support team via phone or email to clarify questions or receive assistance.