Specialized Solutions for the Furniture Industry

Comprehensive Solutions for Digitizing Your Business

Utilize the MAZAKA e-commerce infrastructure, which encompasses all the dynamics of the furniture industry, to increase your sales through online transactions, whether it's B2B or B2C. You can also expand your market by exporting your products worldwide through e-export. Explore the specialized e-commerce solutions for the furniture sector today.

The number of esteemed furniture brands trusting MAZAKA, the easy-to-use, unlimited-capability e-commerce infrastructure, is increasing every day.

Modular Product Sales

Sales Module for Sets

Offer your products as sets, allowing users to create sets as they wish. After you set the default group quantities, users can increase or decrease the products within the set as they prefer.

Try For Free

Quickly Guide Users to Products

Unlimited Related Filter Feature

Determine the features of your products, link them together, guide users to your products quickly, and increase your sales. You can relate filtering options such as seating comfort, fabric texture, color choices, and more. Help users find the product of their dreams.

Shorten Delivery Times

Warehouse Integration

Add all your dealers as warehouses, manage stocks separately, and shorten delivery times for your customers. With quick deliveries, you can increase customer satisfaction and protect yourself from rising shipping costs.

Augmented Reality

Try On Online with AR/VR

Let your customers try out products in their own homes using AR/VR technologies, make decisions, and make purchases. Take your step into the metaverse world now by uploading 3D designs of your products and providing immersive online experiences.

Content Marketing

Increase Your Traffic with Blog Posts

With SEO-friendly e-commerce infrastructure MAZAKA, the blog content you create will be quickly noticed by search engines. Attract traffic to your website with content related to topics such as decoration, color harmony, fabric selection, specific to the furniture sector. Retarget your audience and boost sales.

Related Products

Link Concepts Together

Immediately present other products from the same concept to potential customers who like a particular style. In addition to a sofa set, recommend a dining room set or TV unit to increase the cart total.

Partial Payment

No Need to Choose a Single Payment Method

Offering payment flexibility to your visitors will increase your sales. Whether they want to pay half by credit card and half by bank transfer, or just a portion by one credit card and the remaining amount by another bank card, give them the freedom in e-commerce!

Buy More, Pay Less

Dynamic Unit Price Feature

Offer your customers a system where they can earn more as they buy more, increasing your sales volume. As the quantity to be purchased increases, you can offer discounts on the unit price of your product as desired and show your customers their savings in real-time.

Advanced Variant Feature

Add Unlimited Sub-Products to a Main Product

You can add the price, visuals, discounts, and product name you want to sub-variant products with unlimited combinations that you can create with a single click. All variants are kept as separate products, and you can customize the data freely. Link variant options to each other, and determine the selection method as you wish!

Image Review Feature

The Most Important Criterion for Sales in E-Commerce: Reviews

Ask all your customers to leave reviews, and reward them with points in return. Encourage your customers by giving different points to text reviews and image reviews. Reviews will not be visible until you approve them!

Product Tagging Feature

Buy the Whole Scene, Not Just a Single Product

You can add product tags on a banner you add to your homepage and sell all the products individually or as a set in the environment. Tag the products by placing points on environment visuals that affect users in all sectors, direct them to sales, and increase conversion!