Receive Payments from All Over the World

E-Collection Solutions

Receive payments in any amount with competitive commission rates, send debt links

  • basic

    • Custom Domain Address
    • 256 Bit SSL Certificate
    • Payment Link Generation
    • Mobile-Friendly Design
    • 3D Secure Security
    • Custom Installment Listing for Cards
    • Mobil Uygulama
  • enterprise

    11.999 /yıl
    • Custom Email Templates
    • Accounting Integration
    • Mobile Application
    • Unlimited Payment Systems
    • Custom Banner Area
    • Masterpass Entegrasyonu
  • global

    • Multi-Currency
    • Multi-Language Feature
    • Masterpass Integration
    • Card - Bank Routing
    • SMS Collection
    • GarantiPay Integration
    • Custom Interface Design
Easy to use,
Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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$100 billion worth of transactions are facilitated through the Mazaka infrastructure every year.
+10 Payment Institution Integration
+130 Million $ Collection
+20 Bank Integration
+1000 References

Quickly solve cash flow problems, don't waste time with methods like wire transfer and mail order. Accept payments 24/7 from all devices and transfer them to your own account. Whether you want to receive payments in an open amount or in the debt amount you specify, all you need to do is send a link!

Buy Currency, Keep Currency

Receive Payments from Anywhere in the World, Transfer to Your Account in Any Currency You Want!

Create a global payment gateway with multi-language and multi-currency solutions, and instantly collect payments with a secure virtual POS accessible from all internet-enabled devices.

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Manage Your E-Payment System with the Mobile App

Download MAZAKA Pay now and collect payments anytime, anywhere, organizing your cash flow with the convenience of e-payments. Quickly access all reports and customer information, and monitor them 24/7.

Detailed Reports

Report All Transactions, Monitor Statistics

Generate reports for transactions made through your e-payment system based on time, customer, and payment channel. Easily access them from anywhere!

Accounting Integration

Integrate with Accounting Software, Easily Manage Current Accounts

Create a global payment gateway with multi-language and multi-currency solutions and instantly collect payments with a secure virtual POS accessible from all internet-enabled devices.

Tourism Sector

Offer early reservation services to guests from all around the world, collect payments in advance, and avoid currency exchange losses.

Healthcare Sector

Submit receipts for payments received from institutions, keep records, and streamline individual-dependent processes by automating the system.

Hardware Sector

Collect payments from your sub-dealers, safeguard your profits with automatic exchange rate tracking, and receive instant payments in the currency of your choice.

Education Sector

Define your periodic payments, offer discounts for early payments, and collect instant payments from all devices by creating a debt link and sending it within SMS.

Furniture Sector

Facilitate easy payments for your dealers, ensure direct transfer of payments from end users to you, and deduct them from their current accounts.

Wholesale Sales

Monitor the sales of your field representatives from a single point, collect payments with the virtual POS of your choice bank, and track the performance of your representatives.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Our company's e-payment solutions are suitable for a wide range of industries. We facilitate the payment processes for businesses in e-commerce, healthcare, textiles, retail, hardware, travel, and many other sectors. We contribute to the growth of your business by offering tailored solutions to meet your needs.
The integration process is quite straightforward. Our company's e-payment solutions are compatible with popular e-commerce platforms and website infrastructures. We provide integration support through APIs and documentation, ensuring that your customers can use our e-payment system quickly and seamlessly.
Security is our top priority. Our e-payment solutions ensure the security of customer information by using industry-standard SSL encryption."
E-payment solutions provided by our company support credit cards, bank transfers, and popular online payment methods. We offer various options to ensure that your customers can make payments easily.
Evet, e-tahsilat çözümlerimizde kapsamlı raporlama ve analiz imkanları sunuyoruz. Müşterilerinizin ödeme verilerini anlık olarak takip edebilir, satış trendlerini analiz edebilir ve finansal performanslarını gözlemleyebilirsiniz. Bu sayede daha bilinçli kararlar alabilir ve işletmenizin büyümesini destekleyebilirsiniz.