Specialized for Home Textile Sector

Explore Our Industry-Specific Solutions for E-Commerce Success

List all your home textile products, such as carpets, curtains, beds, or bedding, for sale in e-commerce. Join our references where we provide end-to-end service with industry-specific solutions. Volume-based pricing, dependent product sales, marketplace integrations, and more are available at MAZAKA!

Successful brands prefer the MAZAKA e-commerce infrastructure for all their digital processes with specialized solutions. Join our references now and turn your e-commerce investments into profit.

Volume-Based Product Sales

Set the Square Meter Price for Your Products and Let Customers Decide

When selling your products in e-commerce, let your customers determine the length or width data on their own with dynamic pricing, and decide for themselves what length of product they will purchase. Just set the square meter price for your products!

Try For Free

Augmented Reality

Online Try-On with AR/VR

Let your customers instantly try out products in their own homes with AR/VR technologies, make decisions, and make purchases. Take a step into the metaverse world now, upload 3D designs of your products, and provide immersive online experiences.

Two-Way Integration

Start Selling on Marketplaces with One Click

Manage all your products separately on different marketplaces, collect orders, and send your shipments. Let the system automatically handle time-consuming processes while you focus on marketing. Increasing your sales is very easy with domestic and international marketplace integrations!

Accounting ERP Integration

Keep Your Accounting, Control Inventory, Prevent Losses!

Keep your inventory constantly up to date with integration with the accounting software or ERP you use. Easily invoice incoming orders and save time. Easily control all sales points with the update process set for the desired time.

SEO-Friendly Infrastructure

Fully SEO-Compatible E-commerce Infrastructure

MAZAKA offers an SEO-friendly infrastructure that will bring your e-commerce site to the top of all search engines! You can enter SEO information for each product, category, brand, and page, and customize the snippet that will appear on search engines.

Unlimited Campaign Module

Convince Your Target Audience to Buy

Easily create campaigns with boundaries determined by your imagination, and persuade potential customers to buy immediately. The Campaign Module, available in two levels, Basic and Advanced, is free for all users in the MAZAKA Management Panel!

International Sales

Sell Your Products Worldwide, Don't Limit Yourself Locally!

Offer Anatolia's regional home textile products, preferred worldwide, for sale instantly all over the world. Enter the global marketplaces you want, use fulfillment solutions, and start e-export with the multi-language and multi-currency feature!