E-Export Packages
Open Your Products for Sale Anywhere in the World

With Mazaka's powerful e-export infrastructure, you can expand your business globally and convert your earnings into foreign currency.

  • Fulfillment Integration
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Multi-Language and Currency
  • Omni-channel
  • export

    3.800 $ /year
    • Mobile Compatible Themes
    • Global Payment Solutions
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Native Mobile Application
    • XML Integration
    • +1 Foreign Language Integration
    • Shipping Integration
  • advantage

    6.000 $ /year
    • Global Marketplace Integration
    • Fulfillment Integration
    • +3 Foreign Language Integration
    • Automatic IP Routing
    • Optional Currency Management
    • Regional Cargo Management
    • Order Management
  • world-wide

    9.700 $ /year
    • Premium User Interface Design
    • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • Masterpass Integration
    • Multi-Language Product Management
    • Location-Based Campaign Management
    • CDN Cloudflare
    • E-Export Consultancy
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  • Website Traffic

    4000 GB / Year
    8000 GB / Year
    10000 GB / Year
  • Corporate Email Account

    40 Pieces
    50 Pieces
    150 Pieces
  • Web Area / Database Area

  • Technical Support

  • 3D Secure Support

  • 256 Bit SSL Certificate

  • Cross rate

  • Usage of Multiple Currencies

  • Multiple Language Usage

  • Foreign Sales

  • Country-based Taxation

  • Regional Product and Category Management

  • Regional Content Management and Customization

  • Product Customization

  • Fulfillment Integration (Infiplex)

  • Email Multi-Language Support

  • Location Selection Manual

  • Multiple Currency Sales

  • Regional Product Sales Restriction

  • International Payment Integrations

  • Fulfillment Integration (Infiplex)

  • Wayfair Integration (Infiplex)

  • Amazon Europe Integration (Infiplex)

  • Amazon America Integration (Infiplex)

  • Wallmart Integration (Infiplex)

  • Etsy Integration (Infiplex)

  • Ebay Integration (Infiplex)

  • BackMarket Integration (Infiplex)

  • OverStock Integration (Infiplex)

  • Automatic IP Routing System

  • Ready Theme Designs

  • SEO Compatible Infrastructure

  • Quick Shopping Without Membership

  • Mobile Compatible Interface Design

  • Full Content Management

  • Page Design Management

  • Mail Template Management

  • Product Copy Feature

  • Unlimited Product Image Upload

  • Add Note to Order

  • Product Image Ordering

  • Product, Category, Brand HTML Content Definition

  • Product Label Module

  • Product Filtering Options

  • Free Shipping Product Identification

  • User Authorization

  • Product Reviews

  • Product Image Zoom

  • Product Comparison Module

  • Bulk Product Operations with Excel

  • Bulk Product Image Matching

  • Create Extra Product Detail Tab

  • Related Products

  • Adding Videos to Products

  • Multiple Currency

  • Private E-commerce Consultant

    3 Month
  • Multiple Language Feature

  • Special Interface Design

  • Mobile Application

  • B2B Sales (Dealer Management)

  • Member Activation Email & SMS

  • Popup Module

  • Product Description

  • Arama Terimi Tanımlama

  • Combination Products Module

  • Product Personalization

  • Robotic Call Center Integration

  • Dynamic Form

  • Integration with Price Comparison Websites (Cimri, Akakçe, xml)

  • Bulk SEO Update

  • Homepage H1 Tagged Text Input

  • Product, Category URL Management

  • Setting Product-Specific Meta Information

  • Defining Category-Specific Meta Information

  • Special Metadata Definition for Brand

  • Describing Image Meta Information

  • Link Management

  • 404 Management

  • 301 Redirect

  • Google Adwords Conversion Integration

  • Google Adwords Conversion Integration

  • Google Analytics Integration GA4

  • Yandex Metrica Integration

  • Google Rich Snippets

  • Breadcrumb Application

  • Google Merchant Integration

  • Social Media Login

  • Product and Content Facebook Comment

  • Instagram Story

  • WhatsApp Order

  • Product Recommendation Module

  • Listing Color Variants on Product Card

  • Group Product Management

  • Notify Me When Back in Stock Button

  • Notify Me When the Price Drops Button

  • Cart Reminder Module

  • Desktop and Mobile Push Notifications

  • Facebook, Instagram Store Integration

  • Category, Brand, and Product Specific Layout (Landing Page)

  • Blog Page Management

  • Remove Favorite Items from Cart

  • Site Internal Remarketing Application

  • Popup Module with Timer

  • WMS

  • Ability to Sell Without Stocks

  • Automatic Stock Sales

  • Automatic Sales Dependent on Stock

  • Critical Stock Quantity Alert Modulee

  • Property Management

  • Stock - Sales Area Matching

  • Create Stock Movement (Inbound, Outbound)

  • Campfire

  • Optional Currency Management Module

  • Tier Price Module (Unit Price Management Based on Quantity)

  • Social Media Login Feature

  • Sales Module

  • Market Module (Depot Location Matching)

  • Promoto - Offline, Online Sales System (Tablet)

  • Dynamic Pricing - Price Multiplier Module (Square Meter Based Product Sales)

  • Setting Minimum and Maximum Purchase Limits for Products

  • Elastic Search

  • Assortment with Sales

  • Site Management with Mobile Application

  • Mobile Application for Site Management

  • Mobile App Site Management

  • Mobile Application for Site Management

  • Mobile Application for Site Management

  • Basket Campaigns

  • Category Campaigns

  • Brand Campaigns

  • Cargo Campaigns

  • Special Offers for Customer Group

  • Shipping Method Campaigns

  • X Pay Y Amount

  • Buy a product from category X and get product Y at a discounted price or for free

  • Discount of Y TL on purchases over X TL

  • X TL and above %Y discount in the basket

  • Sepette X ürün veya Ürünlere Y TL İndirim

  • X% discount on X item or items in the basket

  • X TL discount on products labeled with X in the basket

  • Sale: %Y off on products in Category X in the cart

  • Create a Campaign for Those Who Abandon Products in Their Cart

  • Payment-Based Shipping Campaigns

  • Ability to calculate different shipping fees according to the region

  • Country, Determining Different Shipping Fees by Province

  • Providing Discounts on Products for Members

  • Removing Shipping Fee on Certain Amount

  • Special Campaigns for Payment Types

  • Creating a Special Discount Voucher

  • Only Different Shipping Fee for a Single Product

  • Product Y is %Z off when you purchase Product X.

  • Get Y products in Z TL discount when you buy X

  • X Alana Y Product Z TL Discounted

  • Customer-Based Discount Definition

  • Provide Percentage Discount on Quantity Basis for the Product

  • Flow Chart (Grouping More Than 200 Parameters and Creating Result Pool)

  • Live Support Applications

  • Marketplace Integrations

    1 Pieces
    3 Pieces
    5 Pieces
  • E-invoice / E-archive Integration

  • Google Analytics 4 Integration

  • Facebook Conversion API Integration

  • ERP / Accounting Integration (Microsoft AX, Canias, etc.)

  • Google Merchant Center Integration

  • (CRM) Integration

  • AR Integration

  • 3D Model Product Integration

  • Yandex Metrica Integration

  • Hotjar Integration

  • Get XML Output

  • Supplier XML Integration

  • Price Comparison Website Integration

  • Video Call Sales with Customer

  • Headless API Access

  • Cargo Integration

  • Turkish (National) Cargo Company Integrations

  • Regional Cargo Company Integrations

  • Global Cargo Company Integrations

  • Pick Up Delivery Integration

  • Definition of Free Delivery Method

  • Setting Delivery Rules (Time, Date, Basket Amount, Location)

  • Determine the Return Method

  • Setting Delivery Management Fee Rules (Purchase Amount, Desi)

  • Online Payment System

  • Cash on Delivery System

  • Virtual POS Setup

  • Payment by Wire Transfer/EFT

  • Cash on delivery

  • E-Collection Module (Payment Without Shopping)

  • Virtual POS (All Banks)

  • Payment with Credit Card

  • Payment with 3D Secure

  • Creating Installment Options

  • Setting a Minimum Amount for Installments

  • Setting Maximum Amount for Installments

  • Payment with Credit Card

  • Payment with PayTR

  • Payment with İyzico

  • Payment with ParamPOS

  • Letting the Customer Choose the 3D Option

  • Company and Payment

  • Card Bank Routing Management

  • Guaranteed Payment with Garanti Pay

  • Guarantee BBVA Foreign Payment System

  • Payment with Stripe

  • Payment with Paypal

  • Payment with Apple Pay

  • Special Payment Methods for User Group

  • Payment with BKM Express

  • Masterpass Card Storage

  • Virtual POS Refund

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+10 Foreign Payment System
+100 Currencies

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Payment System Integration

Easily Receive Payments from Anywhere in the World

Easily integrate popular payment systems used worldwide and increase sales with infrastructure that matches your target audience's preferences.

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Shipping Integrations

Easily Reach Your Customers Worldwide with Your Products.

Simplify your post-sales processes and save time with numerous shipping integrations that you can customize by country.

International Marketplace Integrations

Expand Your Product Sales Worldwide
with Marketplace Integrations

List your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Wayfair, and more. Use warehouse integration to quickly reach global customers with all your products.

Incentives & Grants

Take Advantage of Government Incentives
for Your E-Export Expenses

We are here to support you through all your e-export processes! This includes handling official procedures, accessing government incentives and grants, managing marketing efforts, making the right integration choices, and more.