Accounting/ERP Software Integration

Integrate commercial software with your e-commerce site to reduce your workload. Upload all your products to your site with a single click and invoice all orders instantly.

Automatic Product Transfer

Use Your Time Efficiently When Setting Up Your E-commerce Site

You can easily transfer all the information about your products from your ERP/Accounting software to your e-commerce site. This way, you can speed up the setup process and start selling right away. With MAZAKA E-commerce Infrastructure, you can automatically transfer a lot of information about your products to your websites, such as product code, name, image, specifications, descriptions, and more.

Ücretsiz Dene

Warehouse-Based Inventory Tracking

Easily Track All Products by Warehouse

You can list all your products located in different warehouses separately on your e-commerce site. After orders from physical stores or different sales channels, you can collectively track your product inventory at all points. With MAZAKA Order Management System, you can direct your incoming orders to the desired warehouses and reduce logistics costs.

Automatic Invoicing

Transfer Your Orders, Automatically Invoice, and Save Time

With bidirectional integration, transfer incoming orders to your ERP/Accounting software, and let the invoicing process happen automatically. Automate time-consuming accounting processes, save time, and spend more time with your loved ones.

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