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Why Should You Join MAZAKA?

Founded in 2012 with a team of 4 at Erciyes Teknopark, Mazaka has now grown to a team of over 40 professionals, including the Istanbul Central Office. The e-commerce infrastructure, initially built by +10 years of senior developers, now serves over a thousand customers. Join us today and secure your place in the global Mazaka team!

What Do We Do?

Since 2015, Mazaka has been working exclusively on e-commerce solutions. It has become a software company that provides end-to-end solutions to its customers by developing e-commerce, e-export, B2B, and e-payment products. The different software solutions produced before 2015 continue to be used with superior features compared to competitors.

What Are Our Activities?

Join the global Mazaka family with a constantly fun and up-to-date working environment through events such as MeetUp, experience sharing meetings, and more!