Specialized for the Food Industry

Enhance Your E-commerce Experience with Industry-Specific Solutions

With MAZAKA, the e-commerce platform that offers solutions tailored to every industry, including the food sector, you can achieve success easily. Benefit from features such as cross-selling, location-based product listing, custom interface design, and more to grow your business.


Brands aiming for success in e-commerce choose MAZAKA, increasing their sales while saving on other expenses. Join our list of references in the food sector and turn your investment into profit quickly.

Cross-Selling Solutions

Content Marketing Directly Impacts E-commerce Sales Today

Associate your products with the blog content you create and quickly make them available for sale within the content. While your SEO-friendly content stands out in search engine queries, increase your sales with product recommendations. All of this and more is available in the MAZAKA e-commerce platform!

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Warehouse-Location Association

Solutions to Reduce Shipping Costs and Increase Profits

Determine your chosen warehouse or branch to serve specific locations, allowing users entering from that region to see the stocks available in the serving warehouse or branch, and keep online and physical stocks together. Customizable shipping rules for each product are available only in the MAZAKA e-commerce platform!

Automatic Location Sharing

Automatically Collect Customer Location from Mobile or Desktop

Eliminate the time wasted in learning your customers' location with automatic location sharing, and immediately list the appropriate products. Allow them to see the products you will offer for sale in the locations matched with warehouses or branches, and reduce your shipping costs.

Cart Replication Feature

Save Time for Customers Who Regularly Place the Same Orders

Offer your customers the ability to quickly purchase the same cart with updated prices, save them time, and increase customer loyalty. Encourage them to increase their average cart value with different product recommendations in the cart. Quick and easy shopping always makes you the preferred choice.

Product Association

Associate Frequently Purchased Products to Increase Average Cart Value

Identify related products based on data to help boost your sales. Identify the most commonly purchased products, associate them with each other, and offer attractive deals. The product association module, supported by campaigns, is simple to use and available in MAZAKA's e-commerce infrastructure with unlimited capabilities!

Multiple Quantity Management

Buy by Weight or Quantity. Customize Product Increment Values!

You can customize the increment values and sales type for all products. Customize the increment value as you wish for products that can be increased in grams or pieces, and give customers the freedom to choose in which quantities they want to purchase. With MAZAKA's easy-to-use, feature-rich e-commerce infrastructure, you can provide end-to-end solutions!