End-to-End Promoter Application

Manage your offer and order processes for your customers in your physical sales channels at all times. Have access to all data, including competitor analysis.

IOS and Android applications are available.

  • Flexible Management Panel

  • Online and Offline Operation

  • ERP-Accounting Integration

  • Statistics and Reports

  • Create, Print, and Email Quotes

  • Create Orders Instantly, Accept Payments

  • Apply Instant Discount in the Cart

  • View Quote History

  • Performance Reporting

  • Current Campaigns

  • Instant Price Change

  • Instant Price Change

"From end,
promoter application"

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$100 billion worth of purchases are made with Mazaka infrastructure every year.

Works Without an Internet Connection

Whether you have internet in your stores or not, you can always make product presentations, prepare quotes, and create new customers. "Your data is synchronized on your first internet access."

Access information about how many quotes each of your dealers' sales representatives have given and how many have turned into orders at any time. Share information such as campaigns and product price changes with all your sales representatives instantly. Collect customer data in one place, with no need for an additional process, and reach "I'll Buy It" customer data directly.


Eliminate Your Catalog Costs

Manage your product prices, photos, and stock statuses from a single source, ensuring they are always up-to-date. You can update them from the PROMOTO console or your corporate product management software. You can also customize separate product, brand, group, and pricing options for each of your dealers.


Empower Your Dealers

Share which products are selling better regionally at your dealers, and which dealers are providing more quotes. Keep the competition alive! Additionally, provide real-time data for sales representatives for each store manager, thus optimizing efficiency in a corporate structure.


Quote for Items in Your Cart

See the instant quotes given by each salesperson and the orders they receive. Measure your employees' efficiency. Enable your personnel to prepare quotes instantly, collect data in one central place, and easily manage it. Keep control of discounts and campaign limits at all times.


Discover Why You're Not Making Sales

Allow all your store personnel to easily record the information they gather during customer interactions. Not only access customer expectations in your industry but also reach out to brand, trend, and popular data directly. This way, you can base your R&D activities on real data and have the necessary information to make more sales!


Instant Notifications

Quickly view real-time campaign and price offers.