Domestic Marketplace Integration

Make your brand visible on all sales channels and manage all orders from a single panel. With marketplace integration, easily track product stocks and collect orders.

Easy Product Listing

List the Products on Your E-commerce Site at Your Desired Prices

In the domestic marketplaces we are integrated with, price and list your products as you wish. You can manage stocks separately and send them to marketplaces with different pricing.

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Orders in One Panel

Manage Orders from All Sales Channels in Your Own Panel

Easily manage all online sales in one panel. Easily organize all invoices with the accounting step and save time. Optimize your marketing efforts by seeing the channels where orders come from.

Easy Cancellation/Return Procedures

Manage Order Status Easily from One Pane

Manage cancellation/return requests from marketplaces easily from the MAZAKA panel. Set inventory rules and reopen sales on the sales channel of your choice. Use automated order processes to make the most of your time.

Easy to use,
Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.