Our Customers at the Speed of Light

Mazaka provides e-commerce infrastructure all over the world. We serve as an infrastructure provider for e-commerce activities of various scales in Turkey, Europe, and America. We hope you become one of our hundreds of customers using our advanced e-commerce infrastructure features tailored to your business's specific trading model.

Furniture Sector

E-commerce infrastructure that enables centralized control of group product management, warehouse integration, in-store sales, price management based on payment method and logistics processes, catalog management, and other sales channels.


Food Sector

Location-based product listing, regional cargo management, and advanced loyalty features are available at Mazaka, both on the web and mobile applications, to boost your online sales!


Textile Sector

Manage marketplaces, social media platforms, physical stores, and your e-commerce site from a single dashboard, and reach your customers from anywhere.


Automotive Sector

Advanced search customization, custom catalog management with a headless structure, and high performance with unlimited feature associations in the MAZAKA e-commerce infrastructure.