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Make your brand more discoverable with the best Google Vitals compatibility and MAZAKA's advanced marketing features. The rules of e-commerce are changing, get more traffic and conversions with new features.

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Mazaka E-Ticaret

Experience flexible e-commerce. Customize as you wish and use all the features in our e-commerce infrastructure as you like, on any device.

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Mazaka E-Ticaret
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Unlimited Capability in e-commerce infrastructure

The easiest way to market your products and services worldwide without the need for integrated software and coding knowledge, with 24/7 support. We facilitate over 500 million TL in sales annually.

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Mazaka E-Ticaret

Get Ahead of Your Competitors with the Most Advanced E-commerce Infrastructure!

  • Simple to Use, Unlimited Features We are with you with autonomous solutions for all your e-commerce operations!
  • 100% Super Fast Accelerate with next-generation technological infrastructure and stand out in searches!
  • Start Selling Now Increase your profit with cheap shipping and affordable commission opportunities!
  • Go Beyond Borders: E-Export Meet global payment and logistics solutions, marketplaces, warehouse, and accounting integrations!

Accelerate Your Business with Advanced Modules

Take advantage of the modules we've developed specifically for every sector to present your products and services more effectively and comprehensibly to your customers. All the tools you need to reach more customers are right here.

Full Control in Your Hands

Manage your Mazaka e-commerce site easily with the mobile application of the management panel. The mobile application with a high user experience, where you can track all your sales at any time, is now available!

  • Track sales, manage
  • Manage products, change prices
  • Accept payments
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E-Commerce Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes
  • Local Businesses

    All the solutions you need are here, we are here to start your e-commerce activities at the most reasonable price!

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  • Kobi

    Discover the potential of your business, sell everywhere with a single click. We are always by your side with strong collaborations! We are ready to help you grow your business on websites, social media, marketplaces, and other channels!

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  • Large-scale Enterprises

    Expand your business, go global, and access advantageous services from a single point! Access advanced product pricing, campaigns, and dozens of features that will empower your business.

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  • Major Corporations

    Get end-to-end solutions for omni-channel, catalog management, OMS (Order Management System), and deep integrations! Safely sell to millions of users with a customized and powerful e-commerce infrastructure.

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E-commerce Solutions for All Business Models
  • E-Commerce

    Open your products to the online market and continue selling 24/7!

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  • E-Export

    The easy way to sell globally on the most recognized marketplaces and your own website to the whole world!

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  • B2B

    Here's the translation of the provided text: Numerous integrations and solution partners are here! Conduct your business with advanced features and reports in a flexible infrastructure. 24/7 support is always with you.

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  • E-Payment

    Maximize profits with special commission rates!

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E-Commerce Solutions for All Industries
  • Furniture

    Purchase products with customizable modular concepts preferred by customers. Present products online with Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

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  • Grocery

    Perform branch-location matching, minimize shipping costs with unlimited warehouse rules. Provide dynamic pricing and loyalty programs for wholesale customers.

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  • Automotive

    Expand your business, go global, and access advantageous services from a single point! Access advanced product pricing, campaigns, and dozens of features that will empower your business.

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  • Home Appliances

    Create custom packages and market with all marketing tools. Maximize your preference with unique campaign offers.

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"In our e-commerce journey with MAZAKA, we have now initiated e-export operations in the United States. We easily manage all our processes with warehouse and international payment integrations. Quick solutions and accurate guidance make success inevitable. Thank you!"

Mete Aktomas
CEO of Minimadecor

"We have been using Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure since 2019. It's a robust infrastructure that provides quick support in all the areas we need and contributes to our growth at scale. Its capabilities are truly eye-opening."

CEO of Yollabana

"We use MAZAKA's e-payment module for our customers booking from abroad. Thanks to our collaboration with Garanti BBVA, we can receive all our payments instantly in foreign currency, which are then transferred to our bank account in foreign currency. We no longer deal with chargeback problems."

İsmail Özdemir
General Manager of Made in Turkey Tours

"At every point of our e-commerce journey that started in 2015,

We entered the pandemic period fully prepared with our e-commerce infrastructure and central integration,

and reached very high revenues with daily 8,000 orders."

Muzaffer Çarboğa
Founder / CEO of

"Our commercial activities, which started in a store in Kayseri, have spread throughout the country with MAZAKA e-commerce systems. Today, our e-commerce sales volume has almost quintupled our in-store sales. We are very satisfied with our smooth and continuously developed e-commerce website."

Harun Akkaş
Founders of Kids & Kits

Easy to use,
Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mazaka is Turkey's most advanced e-commerce infrastructure. Get started with e-commerce right away with Mazaka, a user-friendly e-commerce infrastructure with unlimited capabilities. Achieve success in e-commerce in no time with its full compatibility with all search engines. Unlike other e-commerce infrastructures, contact us to discover the deep features of each module.
At Mazaka, we provide support with all the official processes required to start your e-commerce activities through our business partners. For those new to e-commerce, we offer the most advantageous offers in shipping and payment methods. Thus, we are with you in the infrastructure-business model-design processes necessary for your products or services to reach your customers.
After setting up a store in the marketplace you want, you can instantly send all your products to the marketplaces from the Mazaka e-commerce infrastructure. With accounting software integration, you can track your stocks instantly and have your invoices processed automatically. If you still do not have an e-commerce site, contact us now.
First of all, the target market for the overseas marketplace or website must be determined. After determining your goal, you should get the right solutions in logistics processes and payment methods. If the gross weight of the products you send is less than 300 kilograms and the value does not exceed 15,000 euros, you can do e-export much more easily within the scope of micro export. You can also reduce your costs and save on advertising expenses by taking advantage of government incentives.
Firstly, you should determine the target market for your international marketplace or website. Once you've defined your target, you should acquire the right solutions for logistics processes and payment methods. If the gross weight of the products you will send is less than 300 kilograms and the value does not exceed 15,000 euros, you can easily engage in e-export under the scope of micro-export. Additionally, by taking advantage of government incentives, you can reduce your costs and save on advertising expenses.