Manage your customer data

One of the most valuable components for call centers is data. You can easily manage processes such as how data is provided, who is responsible for data, reporting data, organizing and eliminating customer information.

Customer Representatives

We provide customer representatives to create their own customers and call plans by making target definitions, while replying incoming calls all of the information from customers calling you will come automatically to the personnel screen. Customer representatives provide the interview by seeing all the summaries of their interviews to ensure the maximum efficiency. We can create redial plans for any potential customers and increase the efficiency of your operation by maximizing the conversion.

MüştCustomer representatives have an autonomous role in the quality search for visits by field personnel. We offer the opportunity to report customer satisfaction with the survey module in after sales calls.

Fast Order and Stock Control

Integrated with Logo ERP System

Instant Control

End to End Control

Mazaka Yazılım

Field personnel

You can assign task assignments and appointments to field staff, see location information of staff in the field, define minimum and maximum proximity to customer location and increase the efficiency of your processes.

You can follow up the possible sales and manage the paperwork in a single center in the sales process.

Back Office Processes

This module allows processing of incoming documents. It is the module that provides operations between the field teams and the document unit.


It is the module where you can obtain location information for field personnel, call performance , post-search performance, data reports and target reports of your call center personnel.