Personnel hiring management system allows you to manage your personnel with maximum efficiency. You ensure the right personnel are assigned to work according to their areas of expertise requested on the related dates and times of your request of the customers.

For the thousands of employees, the companies manage the hiring business can manage the facilities they have for their personnel and the facilities and they can be able to provide personnel efficiency management from a single center.

You will maximize your process through optimized personnel recommendations, automated staff selection processes based on the working conditions and rotation lists.

Thanks to rotation plans you will always be able to track which vehicle will be busy for which vehicle, which personnel will be taken from where, which staff will be able to follow up and where you can use your resources in maximum level.

Time management

Experience management

Customer happiness


Mazaka Yazılım

You can establish the rules of appointment according to the legal requirements and manage your personnel in accordance with the legal requirements automatically.

In case of possible personnel breakdowns, permits, etc and works that are planned for indefinite time period you can inform staff of all of the related parties within 1 minute and you can enjoy the flexibility of data management.

If you offer accommodation facilities for your staff, you can identify all these buildings, hotels, etc. in the hotel module by matching staff and accommodation information and avoid unnecessary accommodation.