Rule Descriptions

You can manage your order approvals anytime and anywhere without losing any time by making various edits on the orders that are coming from your manager screen.

Direct Approval

You can have automatic confirmation of incoming orders. You can automate the process with a dynamic rule that evaluates the current order, the given product, the order amount and the debt, and the credit balance.

Confirmation by using specific user order

Or you can perform fiction as a check order from the authorities who will give you approval based on any value of the order values. If orders from customer B are confirmed by Y1 official and Y1 authority is approved, you can get the order finalized with the approval of Y2 authority.





Platform and Integration

The Order Confirmation system offers an experience that you can easily access and use from all your mobile devices. It has instant integration for Micro and Logo software.

Flexible and Easy

Mazaka Mobile Order Confirmation System is flexible and easy. With just a few clicks you can define rules based on all information on your accounting software. You can manage the validation process by defining an unlimited number of users on the system.

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