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  • Discounted POS Solutions
  • End-to-End Marketplace and ERP Integration
  • Discounted Shipping Solutions
  • 24/7 Support
  • base

    14.386 $ /year
    • Instant Virtual POS
    • Batch Operations with Excel
    • User Authorization
    • WhatsApp Orders
    • Detailed Product Filtering
    • Blog Management
  • platinium

    25.186 $ /year
    • ERP / Accounting Integration
    • Two-Way Marketplace Integration
    • Shipping Integration
    • Campaign Management
    • Card & Bank Routing
    • Product Label Moduleü
    • Product - Image Matching
  • go-big

    79.190 /year
    • Marketing Integration
    • Multi-Currency
    • Mobile Application
    • Warehouse & Branch Integration
    • My Favorites Module
    • Pop-Up Management
    • E-Invoice / E-Archive Integration
  • unlimited

    161.986 /year
    • Custom Interface Design
    • Multiple Language Options
    • Native Mobile Application
    • Agent/Representative Module
    • Warehouse Management (WMS)
    • Order Management (OMS)
    • Payment Without Shopping Module
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E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.

Increase Sales with Industry-Specific Solutions

Take advantage of the modules we have developed for each industry to present your products and services to your customers more effectively and comprehensibly. All the tools to reach more customers are here.

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Warehouse Integration

Integrate your warehouses from anywhere in the world. Localize your stocks with location-specific assignments and reduce cost expenses.

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Multi-Language& Currency Option

Set up your e-commerce system in local languages and currencies in all markets. Enable popular payment systems to increase your customers.

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Set either automatic or fixed exchange rates. Moreover, you can configure this on a product-specific basis.

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Team Sales Module

Purchase products individually or as a team. Your customers can freely increase or decrease quantities within a team.

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Customer Group Management

Segment your customers into the desired groups. Customize prices, categories, payment systems, campaigns, etc. for these groups.

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Marketplace Integration

Start selling simultaneously on the world's most popular marketplaces. Prevent problems with shared inventory management.

Start Selling Everywhere

  • ppear on every platform in front of potential customers, increase your brand awareness.
  • Easily track your products with shared inventory management and custom pricing.
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