B2B (Dealer Portal)
End-to-End Automation with Your Dealers

Strengthen your relationships with your dealers, automate orders and payments, offer custom deals to your preferred dealers.

  • ERP/Accounting Integration
  • Sales Representative Module
  • Dealer Grouping
  • Risk Limit Management
  • b2b run

    449.99 TL X 9 Installments
    • SEO Order Items
    • Risk Limit Management
    • Product-Based Special Prices for Customers
    • Product-Specific Search Keywords
    • Unlimited Banner Addition
    • Order Tracking
    • Standard Reporting
  • b2b pro

    449.99 TL X 9 Installments
    • Sub-Dealer Feature
    • Advanced Reports & Statistics
    • Advanced Dealer Grouping
    • Group-Based Category/Brand Hiding
    • Group-Based Discount Structures
    • System Registration Approval
    • Unlimited Payment System Integration
  • b2b huge

    449.99 TL X 9 Installments
    • Custom Interface Design
    • Unlimited Warehouse Integration
    • Order Management System
    • Mobile Application
    • Unit Price Based on Quantity
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Advanced Currency Management
  • b2b enterprise

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    • Mobile Application
    • Flexible Reports and Statistics
    • Minimum-Maximum Sales Limits for Products
    • Option to Choose Warehouse for Orders
    • Elastic Search Engine
    • Invoice Viewing Integration
    • Custom Solution Development
Easy to use,
Unlimited capability
E-commerce infrastructure

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Every year, $100 billion worth of transactions is facilitated with Mazaka infrastructure.

Let all your dealers place orders from your 24/7 open dealer portal whenever they want, make their payments. They don't have to make payments during the order by setting risk limits. Get to know MAZAKA B2B strengthened with integrations right away!

ERP/Accounting Integration

Track your Warehouses, Stocks, Current Transactions, and Payments in real-time with integrations!

It's possible to easily manage hundreds of customers or dozens of warehouses from a single panel. Moreover, with invoice viewing integration, all your customers can see and download the invoices for their payments with a single click.

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Sales Representative Module

Your Field Sales Representatives Can Easily Enter Orders or Collect Payments

With the Sales Representative Module, which can work offline, all system management can be done with a single tablet. Your authorized sales representatives can easily create orders, collect payments, or check stock status in the field, even when offline.

Dealer Grouping

Offer Special Price Quotes to Exclusive Dealers

All the rules of traditional commerce are at MAZAKA! You can offer special prices, discounts, products, or brands to dealers with whom you have strong relationships or hide them. Everything is easy and fast!

Risk Limit Management

Set the Balance You Want for Any Dealer You Like

You can request payments according to your due date from your dealers who can place orders without making payments up to the amount you specify. You can create debt and collect payments with a link. Plan your cash flow and prevent problems.