Why Mazaka E-commerce

In the software sector, Mazaka software offers end to end solutions in e-commerce and it is the most advanced online sales platform solution in Turkey. We have been able to write a success story for all our e-commerce customers. We provide consultancy services in the field of digital marketing with a strong infrastructure to succeed in the e-commerce sector. Every project we carry out is unique to us, unmatched and every project is a success story.


Turnkey E-Commerce Solutions

We are analyzing your business, selecting the most appropriate e-commerce modules and delivering your turnkey project. In this process, domain name registration, mail service, hosting services, payment infrastructure, cargo infrastructure, templates, security and backup services, integrations can be customized end-to-end modules we offer you.

Be Original, Custom Design

Stay original in Mazaka E-Commerce packages. We offer as much customization as no e-commerce infrastructure offers. Get a unique page design to give more confidence to your consumers!

Mazaka Yazılım

Full Search Engine Optimization

Micro data, blog, clean url, keywords, page descriptions, visual optimizations and hundreds of infrastructure rules. According to search engines algorithms we always offer the full SEO infrastructure that remains updated.

Countless Scripts for Marketing

You can define numerous campaign types and promotions for your marketing strategies. You can create campaign scenarios ready-made or new campaign scenarios with basket, customer, product, coupon, etc. in all attributes, and increase customer conversions by establishing dependent and independent relationships.

Cross Borders, Work International

Take your place not only in the country but also in the international market. Customize your customized product groups, product options, pages, product prices, payment methods, tax rates, delivery points, and all modules.

Dynamic Form Management

Create form components on the pages you want, evaluate your customer returns, and transfer your data directly to the relevant units within the team. Getting feedback is one of the most important details that increase the quality of sales.

Marketing Tools

Thanks to mail marketing (Inbound Marketing Tools), connect live support scenarios to real-time experiences, capture your customers at the right moment and focus on your business.

Technical Support and Free Training

You can only manage your e-commerce site better. We offer not only education but also private consultancy services for questions about what you should do to reach more customers in 3.sales channels


You can choose our integration modules for your specific software. We can integrate your entire system for Logo, Micro, Netsis and other special software. You can also control your inventory from your panel while managing inventory on your main software.

All Sales Channels, Market Place Integration from Single Panel

You can manage n11, hepsiburada, evidea, amazon, ebay platforms, and update all products, prices and stocks at the same time from the Mazaka E-Commerce panel. For platforms that don't support integration, you can easily process your orders to your panel.

Mazaka Yazılım
Mazaka Yazılım
Variant, Option, Filter

You can create unlimited or independent variants with standard data controls, visualized next-generation icons, or color-based controls, and you can set custom filtering options according to product groups.

Group Product Management

Products such as furniture are complemented by each other and the products are sold as a team and your customers from the parts that make up the product that you set up the minimum and maximum quantity of the module that provides the purchase process. It offers flexibility.

b2b, b2c

You can present your products directly to your final customers from your dealers or suppliers with the e-commerce infrastructure. You can define the discount, discount rules in certain products to the current groups, users, and create the delivery times according to the rules. You can direct the automatic order information processes to the product with the rules that will be created through the product group.

Direct Payment System

You can get payments with virtual pos integrations without purchasing products for your dealers and private customers, and you can transfer your payments to the accounting software you use in your company with integration modules.

Current Account Payment Methods

By defining specific payment methods for your customers, you can ensure that your customers are able to perform payment transactions via debit or a ready balance in payment scenarios.

OMNI-CHANNEL (Full Channel)

It is designed not only for Online, but also for your existing dealers, and for your stores to transform the Mazaka E-Commerce infrastructure. Manage your potential customers, sales staff, marketing team from a single center in your stores, and increase your sales without losing any data.

Bank Integrations and Payment Methods

You can use the payment methods you want in all systems. You can use any virtual POS integrations or iyzico integrations of banks.

You can enable payment channels such as Payment, Money Order, EFT on the door, and define additional fees or discounts according to the method you want. You can optimize your processes by specifying the minimum shopping amount for the method you want.

Cargo Integrations

You can use special integration modules for integration solutions for cargo companies and you can benefit from the special advantages of Mazaka E-Commerce customers.

Mazaka Yazılım
Mazaka Yazılım

Multilingual Infrastructure

You can use the end-user interface and the admin panel in any language and you can customize all content by language.

Physical Call Center Integrations

Communicate your e-commerce site with your call center unit, all the information of your customers who are looking for your customer representatives will be automatically transferred to the customer representative and increase your productivity with the right direction without wasting time.

Digital Call Center Integrations

Thanks to our E-Commerce system, which can be integrated with digital power plant systems, it does not cause any loss of time and you can focus on your conversions by evaluating unnecessary workforce in different areas. Let your customers conduct order tracking and automatic information processes by digital robots.

No Membership Required

Your customers don't have to be a member to complete the purchase. Your customers can log into the system through social media channels, complete their membership process later, or terminate their purchases without performing any membership transactions.


Your online sales site has customized images on all smart-phones and tablets. You can also change all of this image management in the management interface.

Bulk Product Update

You can update VAT, Price, Discount, Payment Terms, Product Images, Sales and Delivery conditions for all products at once.

Data Shares

You can share your stocks, product groups, products to external services as XML by including the information you want.

Mazaka Yazılım
Mazaka Yazılım


The only thing you need to define your user information to Google Analytic, Google Adwords, Google E-Commerce, Marhent, Criteo, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Catalog for the integration. This will make your data more efficient by using digital marketing.

User Management

You can set any authorization levels for all users you add to the system.


Print the one-click invoices of sales made on your e-commerce site! You can also take all the dumps of the invoices with excel, do not pay the extra fee when you bill the invoices to your accounting programs.

Cimri.com and Akakce.com Integration

Do not miss potential conversions by automatically listing your products on price comparison platforms.