We offer end-to-end scalable after-sales services software, primarily for furniture and white goods businesses. If you have a producer business and thousands of dealers, you can manage your customer complaints and service processes related to all channels by means of ERP integration solutions, accounting, service, warehouse, survey, sales channel performance and other units through our cloud software.

If you serve your customers directly through your own business, we can scale our After-Sales Services software for you in the way as you wish.

Accurate Time Planning and Management

By correctly planning and measuring your after-sales services, you will not lose your existing customers and manage your operational activities in a profitable way.

Operational Connection and Dealer Network Management

You can manage service points connected to your region and dealer network, and you can open the tracking of assigned services to any point depending on the authorizations.



Customer happiness


Mazaka Yazılım

Full Integration

You can integrate your after-sales services to all ERP processes, report and strengthen your CRM data, identify your error sources and increase customer satisfaction day by day.

Survey Module

Make customized surveys from your dealers to your customers. Forward your focus to your problem channels by reporting the surveys with a single keystroke.

Accounting Module

You can edit all invoices related to your service processes in the field and you can recognize them instantly. You can process all accounting processes based on rules.

Mazaka Yazılım